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Austin’s Turn up Color Rush Preview.

Dearest readers, I would like to welcome you to the first edition of TheRedShirts weekly NFL preview to be known from this time, till the end of time as the Lack Daddy report (or until I think of something more creative to call it).  To preview, this article will be an in depth breakdown of every NFL game for the week. So if you’re looking for absurd predictions supported by borderline slanderous takes, I suggest you hit back now, and make your way over to the Preston Corner. That being said, I will never mince words nor will I shy way from colorful descriptions. If your team, say my Tampa Bay Buccaneers for example, looks more like Paul Walker’s Porsche after its argument with that lamp post, than an actual professional football team, I will make that quite clear. So once again, thank you for taking the time to read this article, may it be the first of many.

The phrase “trap game” gets thrown around a lot in today’s NFL. Seattle is coming off a debilitating loss to Washington at home, Adrian Peterson is looking…well like Adrian Peterson, Seattle’s defense is allowing 109.4 rush YPG…Drew Stanton is 3-0 when starting at home??? Wow the Cardinals can really win this game…. yea that’s about as likely as Jim deciding to pay me to do this.
Despite his glowing home record, Drew Stanton is not a good QB. The only way the Cardinals get the W is by establishing a run game. While Seattle appears vulnerable, ranked 15th in rush defense, this is just a façade as they haven’t allowed a RB to go over 100 yards since Week 3. It’s not just that their containing opponents on the ground, they’re straight up smothering them. Here’s the stats produced by the quality RB’s they’ve faced since Week 3: (quality according to me)

Todd Gurley 14 ATT, 43 YARDS, 3.1 YPC, 0 TD
Lamar Miller 21 ATT, 54 YARDS, 2.6 YPC, 1 TD
Rob Kelly 14 ATT, 18 YARDS, 1.3 YPC, 2 TD

This Seahawk run defense is no joke and they’re going to come to play. “Yea, but Lack Daddy, seems like YOU forgot who daddy is. AP in two out of his three games for the Cardinals has rushed at least 25 times for a minimum of 134 yards!” That’s a solid point by the AP fan boys, hand up that’s me. Those two games though, came against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (see above for what I think of them) and the 49ers AKA the worst rush defense in the NFL. I truly want to believe AP can still shred a defense regardless of the opponent, but those days are done. “Well what about Larry Fitzgerald?? He’s still got it, he plays much better at home and can take the top of the defense to open holes”. Fitz is a future HOF can’t deny that. He does play better at home can’t deny that. I also can’t deny he’s averaged just 50.5 receiving YPG in his last 7 matchups with the Seahawks.

Final prediction: This remains a low scoring affair with the Seahawks defense dominating Arizona on offense and Russell Wilson doing what’s needed. Seahawks go into Phoenix and get a much needed win. SEATTLE 24 ARIZONA 10


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