Heisman Watch: Baker Mayfield is Daddy AF

Baker Mayfield

The guy has been lights out his entire career at Oklahoma. 2018 will likely be his third year as a Heisman finalist, but still the media has been pushing the hell out of the narrative that Saquon Barkley is the man to beat. They clearly forgot who daddy is.

“Baker May” started his Heisman campaign this season by coming into Ohio State’s house, bending them over his knee, spanking them, and marking his territory right in their face (A proverbial bukkake).  Just completely alpha’ed the shit out of them.

But STILL, people refused to bend the knee and acknowledge Baker Mayfield as the one true king.  Instead, they told him he was an underdog at Oklahoma State.

THE KING DEMANDS RESPECT. Baker scoffed at these plebeians and proceeded to smash 62 points right in Mike Gundy’s beak.  Finally, people are starting to give Mayfield the respect he deserves as the Heisman frontrunner. The guy has only taken one L this year at Iowa State. That is if you don’t count getting pancaked by a police officer in the offseason.

I will admit that it is a tough look getting absolutely bundled by that cop, and it is something the AP should take into account when voting for the Heisman.  Baker showed minimal ability to move in the pocket and zero escapablity. Seriously though, if you give Baker the Hesiman you have to give the cop the Butkus award. Dude knows how to lay the wood, and TCU better start recruiting the hell out of him before Saturday. Otherwise Texas Christian University better start praying, because Big Daddy Baker May is coming to spank that ass.


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