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Saturday Morning Hangover: Auburn v Georgia Edition

OMG Guys Preston had one too many drinks last night but that is neither here nor there. But the real OMG is that I had an epiphany last night, and it was that Auburn will beat Georgia this afternoon. I woke up today very drunk and finally summoned the courage to admit what I have been thinking all week. I know Auburn has lost to Clemson and LSU this season but they could have easily won either of those games. This Auburn D is no joke and I think Jeff Holland and those boys on D can at least stifle the tough rushing attack of Chubb, Michel and Swift. Furthermore, I am not totally convinced that True freshman QB Fromm is the real deal yet and this game seems just to big for him at the moment. On the other side of the ball I think Jarrett Stidham is progressing nicely and becoming one of the best QB’s in the SEC. But………

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 12.02.37 PM

the real reason I am picking Auburn is because Georgia is Georgia. I know they have a new coach and this is not the Mark Richt era but I still believe Georgia is prone to Georgiaing. Georgia gonna Georgia. 


PS – I know you guys are saying “Preston you are the bama expert how could you pick Auburn to beat Georgia”, This is simply because I am totally objective, I tell it like it is unlike Your Boy Jim.

Double PS – I will delete this blog if Auburn loses.




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