NCAAF The Picks

Jim’s Week 12 Picks

Official Record: 4-5-1

Last week I wrote essays explaining each of my picks and I went 2-3. All of my picks were definitely right, we clearly just have a jinx situation on our hands. To counteract the bad juju, I am simply going to let my picks do the talking.  Preston is obviously using voodoo dolls and black magic to change the outcomes of these games. If only he’d use his magic for good and not evil. Either way, all the magic in the world isn’t enough to stop him from going 0-10 with his picks.  It’s your choice you can go 6 for 6 with me or ride the Preston train all the way to bankruptcy. But Preston is getting bageled regardless. Refinance your mortgage, steal from your Mom’s purse, or kill your rich grandfather for the inheritance; whatever you need to do to rustle up the money to fade his picks. In a world of uncertainty, few things are as a certain as Preston being incorrect. We are truly witnessing greatness here people. He will truly go down as the best of all time at being wrong #PrestonTheGoat.


-5.5  #12 TCU vs Texas Tech

13.5 Mississippi State vs Arkansas

-16 #20 LSU vs Tennessee

+ 25.5 Nebraska vs #10 Penn State

+ 19.5 Kansas State vs #12 Oklahoma State

-7.5 Iowa State vs Baylor

-1.5 Texas A&M vs Ole Miss


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