NCAAF The Picks

Jim’s Rivalry Week Picks

Official record: 10-5-1

If you bet with me last week you went 6-1. So you’re welcome. Lets keep stacking bills. If you faded my picks, I have to assume you’ve lost it all and are homeless by now. If so don’t worry you can get it all back. How you ask? No need to sell your sperm, and condemn some poor girl to having ugly and stupid children. No need to sell your organs on the black market. You’ll probably need that extra kidney some day you degenerate. No need to resort to turning tricks on the street corner. You’re so bad at sex you’ll end up owing the customers money. You’re better than all of that. I mean you’re not. You’re actually pathetic for picking against me. But the generous man that I am, I’d hate to see it. Look no further than uncle Jimbo for help in your time of need. Any gambler knows the only way to escape crippling debt is to double down. That’s day one stuff. And I’m here to throw you a bone with some winners this week. Rule number 2 in gambling is that superstition is 100% real. I didn’t explain my picks last week, and we bankrupted Vegas. So I’m going to keep shooting from the hip and hitting bullseyes. Hop on my back fellas and I’ll take you to the promise land.

11.5 #7 Georgia at Georgia Tech

12 #9 Ohio State at Michigan

+4.5 #6 Auburn vs Alabama

-17 #5 Wisconsin at Minnesota

+10.5 #13 Washington State at #17 Washington

+10  Texas A&M at #18 LSU

+14 #24 South Carolina vs #4 Clemson






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