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Fullcard Friday: Week 12

Unlike the other writers on this website, my relationship with football is a pure one. My love for football is fully unadulterated, I truly love the game for the sake of the game. I don’t need to bet the spread, or hammer the over to get myself up for Sundays. I wake up in the offseason realizing I need to change my sheets because I had a dream about James Develin kicking out the playside WILL allowing James White to make a 4 yard gain. So these picks are truly who I think will win, no spreads no nothing, if you degenerates need to hit the moneyline on one these games fine….but just know Lombardi, Landry, and Knoll are looking upon you with disgust from the gridiron in the sky.

I know it’s not Friday, it was a busy week.

Tennessee Titans (6-4) VS Indianapolis Colts (3-7)
Lucas Oil Stadium, 1:00PM, FOX

Jacoby Brissett has played better over the past few weeks and coming off the bye should be prepared. That being said this is still the Colts and despite getting embarrassed on national TV last week the Titans are very clearly the better team and need to win games like this to make the playoffs.

Pick: Titans

Chicago Bears(3-7) VS Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)
Lincoln Financial Field, 1:00PM, FOX

This could get ugly, like real ugly. Philly’s pass rush makes Mitchell Tribiscuits look like David Carr and Carson Wentz doesn’t even have to play in the 4th.

Pick: Eagles

Carolina Panthers(7-3) VS New York Jets(4-6)
Metlife Stadium, 1:00PM, FOX

The final score in this one won’t show how lopsided this game really was. Carolina dominates but only wins by 10ish.

Pick: Panthers

Miami Dolphins(4-6) VS New England (8-2)
Gillette Stadium, 1:00PM, CBS

If I was a Dolphins fan, I’d be scared to even watch this game

Pick: Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(4-6) VS Atlanta Falcons(6-4)
Mercedes”Butthole”Benz Stadium, 1:00PM, FOX

Both teams come in riding two game winning streaks but are in very different places. Falcons are looking to finish strong and sneak into the playoffs. The Bucs are hoping finish with some dignity after looking like a team that had quit on the coaching staff, and having their “franchise quarterback” get outplayed by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Somehow though, the Bucs always do seem to keep this one close and Falcons RB Devonta Freeman will miss his second straight game with a concussion. The miserable, sad, pathetic part of me thinks the Bucs can pull of the upset, the reasonable side knows they can’t…I’m going with reason.

Pick: Falcons

Cleveland Browns(0-10) VS Cincinnati Bengals(4-6)
Paul Brown Stadium, 1:00PM, CBS

Sneaky chance for the Browns to get their first win here…or for Vontaze Burfict to decapitate Deshone Kizer.

Pick: Bengals

Buffalo Bills(5-5) VS Kansas City Chiefs(6-4)
Arrowhead Stadium, 1:00PM, CBS

Buffalo ended their season the moment they put Nate Peterman in. Kansas City gets a chance to right the ship.

Pick: Chiefs

Seattle Seahawks(6-4) VS San Francisco 49ers(1-9)
Levi Stadium, 4:05PM, FOX

Seahawks, easy.

Pick: Seahawks

New Orleans Saints(8-2) VS Los Angeles Rams(7-3)
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 4:25 PM, FOX

Definitely the game of the week, I think the Vikings showed last week that the Rams aren’t ready just yet to hang with big dogs. I love this Saints run game and I think they dominate.

Pick: Saints

Jacksonville Jaguars(7-3) VS Arizona Cardinals(4-6)
University of Phoenix Stadium, 4:25 PM, CBS

Jacksonville looks primed for a return to the playoffs on the back of their defense. Calais Campbell makes a triumphant return to Arizona and torments them all day.

Pick: Jags

Denver Broncos(3-7) VS Oakland Raiders(4-6)
Oakland Coliseum, 4:25 PM, CBS

Another matchup that at the beginning of the year looked chock full of playoff implications, but now is just two disappointments. Raiders do actually have an offence with life in it.

Pick: Raiders

Green Bay Packers(5-5) VS Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2)
Heinz Field, 8:30 PM, NBC

Smells like a 40 burger, I’m sure they have plenty of ketchup in Pittsburgh.

Pick: Steelers

Houston Texans(4-6) VS Baltimore Ravens(5-5)
M&T Bank Stadium, Monday 8:30 PM, ESPN

Believe it or not this does have some playoff implications as the Ravens are now slotted for the 6th spot in the AFC. Total snooze fest but Baltimore’s defense toy with Tom Savage all night.

Pick: Ravens


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