NCAAF The Picks

Jim’s Conference Championship Picks

Official Record: 13-8-1

To those of you who bet with me last week, you deserve better. I promised perfection and couldn’t deliver, that’s on me and I apologize. Rivalry week is a cruel mistress. Sometimes she rocks your world and sometimes she steals your wallet.  3-3 is simply unacceptable. But hey look at the bright side, at least you didn’t pick with Preston. Kid went an impressive 1-9. I’m not going to pile it on because it’s not right to make fun of the mentally handicapped. But seriously someone get that guy a CAT scan. He’s like rainman except he’s not good at anything. Anyway, if you followed Preston into the darkness and got murdered, conference championship weekend may provide some respite. I’m back on my bullshit picking winners this week. All aboard the money train.



+4 #12 Stanford vs #10 USC


-7 #3 Oklahoma vs #11 TCU

-7 #14 UCF vs #20 Memphis

+1.5 #2 Auburn vs # 6 Georgia

-4.5 #8 Ohio State vs #4 Wisconsin

-9.5 #2 Clemson vs #7 Miami

+9 #25 Fresno State vs Boise State

11.5 FAU vs North Texas


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