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2017 New Year’s Six and Bowl Picks

Preston mailed it in with his picks as he does with pretty much everything in life. Kid legit took 8 days off to play dreidel over Hanukkah. But the fact that he hates Jesus won’t stop me from blessing you all this holiday season with winners. As a god fearing gentile, i am #blessed to celebrate the macdaddy of all holidays, Christmas. But even though its a Holiday, you won’t catch me slipping like Preston. I rise and grind day in and day out, and blog my dick off for the people. And boy do I have a Christmas present for my readers. No more pretending to like the stockings grandma knit you. No more mom buying you NBA 2K8 instead of NBA 2K18. At this age, the best gift of all is straight cash homie. And I’m doling out dollaz in bunches. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a pleasant Kwanza to all. (PS: I love Jewish People, I just hate Preston)


(Leans not included)


Regular Season: 19-9-2 (67.8%) Bowls: 3-2 (60%)  Overall: 22-11-2 (66.7%)


Regular Season: 19-23-2 (45.2%) Bowls: 1-2 (33.3%) Overall: 20-25-2 (44.4%)


Regular Season: 6-6 (50%)

Bowl Picks

(Underlined are picks, No underline are leans)

-2 Kansas State vs UCLA

6.5 Utah vs West Virginia

-5.5 Duke vs Northern Illinois

-14 Florida State vs Southern Miss

+2.5 Boston College vs Iowa

+3 Purdue vs Arizona

-2.5 Missouri vs Texas

+1.5 Virginia vs Navy

-4 Oklahoma State vs Virginia Tech

+3 Stanford vs TCU

Pick em’ Michigan State

+3 Texas A&M vs Wake Forest

-7 NC State vs Arizona State

+7.5 Kentucky vs Northwestern

-4.5 Utah State vs New Mexico State

-7.5 Ohio State vs USC

-6.5 Louisville vs Mississippi State

+3.5 Iowa State vs Memphis

-2 Penn State vs Washington

+6 Miami vs Wisconsin

-7.5 Michigan vs South Carolina

-9.5 Auburn vs UCF

-3 LSU vs Notre Dame

-2 Georgia vs Oklahoma

-3 Alabama vs Clemson


Post Bowl Game Picks Record:


Final Season Record:

30-14-2 (68%)

Bowl Record:



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