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Is Adam Gase Man’s Best Friend’s Worst Enemy?

Okay it has been a while since I’ve been on the blog. I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks but this must be addressed.

For those of you who don’t know I am a lifetime Miami Dolphins fan. They have a great history. The undefeated season with the no-name defense and 2 super bowls in the 70’s, the killer-b’s and Dan Marino in the 80’s and early 90’s and hell they only missed the playoffs in 3 years from 1990-2001…all great stuff. However, since that time, (or basically as long as I can vividly remember most sports) the franchise has been the pinnacle of mediocrity. Starting in 2002 8 of 16 seasons have seen the team finish with records between 7-9 and 9-7, 3 more have 6-10 finishes, 2 seasons under 6 wins and finally 3 seasons with at least 10 wins. Basically, for as long as I have been an active fan, the Dolphins have been one of those most middle of the road franchises in the NFL, and maybe in all of sports.

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING has made me feel the anger and irrational hate for this franchise quite like this tweet.

How dare Adam Gase even think this. How dare Christ Grier even speak this if it’s true. I realize injuries hurt the team, but you went from 10-6 to 6-10 in a year and have the audacity to say the head coach would kill his own dog for a super bowl?


Why don’t you try winning a few more games or maybe competing for the division or even just trying to win ONE playoff game for the franchise in this millennium before you threaten man’s best friend.

This guy deserves to be fired if this is even remotely true. Call him a football guy if you must, but if we ever do win a Super Bowl under his coaching it will immediately be tainted with the assumed homicide of his good dog. SHAME TO YOU ADAM GASE AND CHRIS GRIER.


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By the way I was so upset about this that I looked up dog gifs so here are some of my favorites.


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