NCAA Selection Sunday Preview

This Sunday in March will always be one of the most controversial days of the year. The 2018 college basketball regular season is over, conference championships have been decided, and the Selection Sunday special is upon us. Now is the time where everyone from pundits and bracketologists to fans and averages Joes will be debating who’s in and who’s out. Many teams can breathe easy as they’ve established secure positions in the tournament field. However, for a select few programs on the bubble, this will be one of the most stressful days of the year. The committee has the tough task of dissecting the resumes of these tournament hopefuls and determining how each team stacks up. And while the bubble debate will dominate much of the conversation on Selection Sunday, it will also be interesting to see how the NCAA will seed some of the nation’s top teams. But before that hack Joe Lunardi projects his NCAA tournament bracket, lets preview how the field should look. Of this 68 team field, 60-64 of these teams are generally locks for a berth. But the 8-10 teams on the fringe will anxiously awaiting the NCCA’s decision. Before we get right into it, it is important to note that the seeding works much like a snake draft (That is to say the best 1 seed will be placed in the same bracket as the worst 2 seed, then the best 3 seed and so on and so forth)

The one seeds all seem pretty much set in stone at this point, even though there is debate about Xavier’s standing. Virginia will the number one overall seed after winning the acc regular season and conference tournament championship. Villanova and Kansas are right behind them as cemented one seeds after winning their respective conference championships. Most pundits seem to think Xavier is locked in at the final one seed despite going out early in the Big East Tournament. The eye test tells me Michigan State is a far superior team and a more suitable one seed, but a weak Big Ten schedule may ultimately be the reason this team is underseeded. Speaking of Michigan State, the Spartans may be the most polarizing team in the upper crust of this bracket. I have them as a 2 seed, but speculation is that they could fall anywhere from 1-4 seed. Locks at the 2 spot include Duke and Purdue. North Carolina is another team commonly mentioned for the last 2 spot, but can a ten loss team really be a 2 seed?

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 7.12.18 PM.png


1 Virginia
1 Villanova
1 Kansas
1 Xavier
2 Michigan State
2 Duke
2 Purdue
2 North Carolina
3 Cincinnati
3 Tennessee
3 Michigan
3 Gonzaga
4 Auburn
4 West Virginia
4 Arizona
4 Texas Tech
5 Wichita State
5 Ohio State
5 Clemson
5 Kentucky
6 Miami
6 Florida
6 Houston
7 Arkansas
7 Texas A&M
7 Nevada
7 Seton Hall
8 Missouri
8 Butler
8 Creighton
8 Virginia Tech
9 Rhode Island
9 NC State
9 Kansas State
9 Alabama
10 Providence
10 Florida State
10 Texas
11 Davidson
11 St. Bonaventure/Oklahoma
11 Saint Mary’s/Arizona State
11 New Mexico State
Notre Dame
Middle Tennessee
Oklahoma State

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